leather project, students and workshop

Part of my mission is to have a positive impact on our community. I am thrilled to partner with local youth organizations in underserved areas of Philadelphia to offer free, hands-on workshops for children in leather working and shoemaking. I utilize leather scraps, supporting our efforts to be zero waste- and discounted and donated supplies. 

In our fast-paced world, dominated by screen time, I strive to create a space where kids feel safe to slow down and make real connections with each other. They drop their phones in a basket at the door, grab an apron, and spent a few hours learning skills and thinking critically and solving problems creatively. There is a unique sense of pride and accomplishment in making something with your hands that is both functional and beautiful. I want kids to leave my workshops feeling proud to use what they've made and to perhaps have a different perspective on the objects in their lives. Who made this? How did they make it? What is it made from? 

These workshops fit into my larger goal to spread awareness about the costs of fast fashion, and how our consumer behaviors affect our communities globally, as well as our environment. 

I thank the Philadelphia Police Athletic League for including Rooted Soles in your summer program and helping to get this program up and running. I look forward to expanding partnerships throughout the city. Please email me at hello@rootedsoles.com if you'd like more information on becoming a partner!

students during a free workshop